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Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) is one of the three components of the MRCGP exam. It provides a framework for evaluating a doctor’s progress in those areas of professional practice best tested in the workplace Ask the registrar to present the case and in particular: Give this template along with the other paper work 1 week before the discussion is scheduled (= to help the trainer devise questions) Remember, every case does not need to demonstrate every competence (but your final collection of 12 should do) Competence your concise explanation (~ 50 words) Practising holistically. Data gathering and Shared | FAQs | FAQs Trainees – you can update your username in My RCGP area of the website. Simply log in to My RCGP and click "Update my profile" to change your email address. Trainers, Supervisors and Administrators – go to Personal Details in the left hand menu within the ePortfolio.

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RCGP Curriculum: Professional and Clinical Modules 18 May 2015. The RCGP the key learning points with case scenarios, reflective questions, and advice for learning and teaching. These include case-based discussion (CbD), the. Training and revision courses for the MRCGP - free AKT question database, CSA cases and courses. Our questions are well researched to provide an mrcgp  The RCGP CBD Structured Question Guidance. These questions help trainers investigate the trainees understanding to the case. Defines the problem. What are  RCGP website has sample questions: Case-based Discussion (CbD). •. Learning Logs evidence from each log entry or completed CbD / COT / miniCEX etc. Case-based Discussion (CbD) is a structured interview between your assessor and the GP trainee. The purpose of the CbD is to assess your professional  You should also learn to ask questions and look critically at your assumptions Case Based Discussion (CbD) about a patient who requested a termination, by Royal

RCGP Example Portfolio: Private Practice comment on individual portfolios, and requests for advice will be made through the RCGP central helpdesk. If there are specialty elements to the role, the RCGP would strongly advise that the GP refers to the guidance produced by the relevant College or Faculty. RCGP Example Portfolio: Private Practice 2 Case-based Discussion (CBD) 2 - Example - YouTube 17.08.2010 · While you are watching the clips: * note how the assessor asks questions to stimulate the student to aggregate and synthesise data gained from the history; * notice how learning objectives for the Winchester Learning Day 25 June 2014 – CBD and RCGP Curriculum This competency is about aspects of care beyond managing straightforward problems, including the management of co-morbidity, uncertainty and risk, and the approach to health rather than just illness.

It has been written by current trainees on the North West RCGP Faculty's 3 x CbD. •. DOPS No specific number per placement but there are a list of compulsory management questions; 10% evidence-based practice/statistics; and 10% 

a constructivist approach to the cbd.doc · beginners guide to cbd by rcgp.ppt cbd on 2 sides of A4 for trainers.doc · cbd question guidance from RCGP.doc  CBD Question Maker for GP Trainers. Practising So slow down and read the competency descriptors on the RCGP/Bradford VTS websites. Make sure you  22 Sep 2016 The RCGP defines CbD as 'a structured interview designed to I use the trainee's written records to prepare my questions, starting off with an  The CBD Question Maker is a particularly valuable tool for new trainers (and The RCGP rating scale allows GP Trainees to rate their level of confidence in  CBD question planner - An excellent one from the Bradford team & RCGP 2018. CBD - clarification of competency a tool for Trainnes & Trainers.